Clove shampoo 750 ml

Have you ever felt the refreshing effect of moisture and hygiene at the same time?
With this Vita Lite hair care routine, you can breathe new life into your hair and develop the ability to limit damage.


Hair shampoo with hyaluronic acid that gives a long-lasting scent of freshness and hygiene.
It has a high performance formula and a double action, it washes out easily from the hair due to its light texture, it is ideal for cleansing the scalp due to its dense foam, its moderate PH prevents colour fading ، it is suitable for coloured hair and is used by men and women for wavy, curly and straight hair.


Hyaluronic acid: an ideal, lightweight formula that increases the thickness of hair strands and adds volume, provides hair with necessary nutrients and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the scalp, maintains the balance between lipids, moisturisers and hair-forming proteins.


Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and scalp
Massage the hair and scalp with fingertips to penetrate well into the hair
Rinse the hair well with warm water.
If you want, you can repeat this process
Brand                            Vita lite
product type                   Hair shampoo
extract type                           Clove    
     treatment            Dandruff and hair loss
Item No                               06295
  Size                                  750ml

Category: Hair Care - hair shampoo

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