For over a decade, we have devoted our energy and our competencies solely to one business: Vitality. The vitality feature is the main characteristic of our products, and it reflects positively on all seekers of Vitality products.

Since we seek the highest levels of impact in all cosmetics and beauty fields, we chose to offer our services to all seeking attractiveness all over the world. And in doing so we are positive that we can please all the needs of our products’ users in beauty and care for body, hair and skin.

We constantly seek to excel and reach full success we worked hard through the past years to build a confident relationship with our customers, and we have managed to reach a number of countries including Persian Gulf states, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, and a number of other countries in Europe and Africa.

Our slogan was and still “We Grow Together” we started producing a single in 2005 to reach over 88 so far, including all kinds of hair removals, shampoos, oils alternatives and others.

 Believing in vitality being a constant goal, we dedicate our innovations in improving the performance of our products and services which is achieved by using the highest quality ingredients and the continuous research and state of the art production methods combining all the aforementioned has given our brand the highest level of trust.

In Vitalité, we aim to keep a strong relationship between you and our products by informing you of our products and services to meet your expectations and our expectations to create unique experiences in care and beauty through our presence on all social media and our complete keenness to provide our product with the best quality and affordable prices.

We Grow Together

Our Goals

“We Grow Together” because we succeed and prosper with your satisfaction, we at Vitalité always seek to flourish even more:

  • We aim to develop even more and produce all our products from scratch to end, from ingredients to fully packaged product.
  • Our main goal is to become an international name, in order to achieve that we are going to reach the shelves of stores all over the world.
  • Vitalité aims to leave a positive impact in every home, because of the high-quality of our products and our affordable prices to all those who want it.

Our Values

  • Quality is Vitalité’s priority to introduce its products at the highest standards in term of effectiveness and attractive packaging.
  • Being very precise in mixing the elements of every single product in order to achieve the most effectiveness possible.
  • Thorough supervising and following up the production of all products by our expert chemists and professionals from beginning to end.
  • Testing the products. After completing the production stage, all products are being tested in its effectiveness as well as its side effects before introducing it to the final consumer, in a manner that matches international standards.
  • Introducing new and unprecedented products and that requires high levels of courage and expertise.

Social Responsibility

To address the current global challenges, the United Nations have established a framework for sustainable development through the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). These are aimed at national economies, companies, and civil societies around the world. Sustainability has thus become the norm and is an obligation for all social actors more than ever.

Therefore, guided by the “Sustainable Development Goals”, we developed our strategy with the aim of expanding our positive impact on our environment, our society and our consumers.

  • We try to preserve energy and the preservation of the environment, starting from the beginning of the installation of products to ending with providing customer support services and monitoring product quality.
  • We are also partner with NGOs to support various community initiatives:
    “Aqemha” initiative : Vitalité provided to “Aqemha” initiative more than 54 thousand sterilizing bottles to in order to limit the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and prevent its spread in Syria.
    “My country Syria” initiative : Vitalité was one of the official sponsors of the “My country Syria” initiative, the initiative aimed to draw the attention to the beauty of Syrian archeological sites and civilization.
    • Conducting training courses to institutes graduates in order to supply companies with the right number of specialists.


    From our factory workers to desk jobs to distribution, our employees share one target to offer the best products and services.

    • Our team in Syria includes a large number of specialized experts in producing beauty products for hair, body and skin.
    • We have plenty of chemistry experts who compose the products according to the standard conditions.
    • The workers make sure that any product is well tested in monitoring and disinfecting.
    • We have numerous designers who work on packaging the products and presenting them in a perfect way.
    • We are present in the local, regional and European markets
    • We facilitate our employees’ work to help them perform their job perfectly.
    • We provide benefits in several matters to our employees such as social benefits, bonuses and promotions especially those with perfect performance.
    • We apply employment ideas based on modern employment policy and global standards
    • We constantly provide special courses to our staff and workers in order to further develop the work process and facilitate distribution.
    • We send our staff to courses outside Syria to develop their skills and performance.