A fragrant body smell gives a positive feeling inside, and maintaining these smells is definitely the focus of our attention in summer. So, we have to keep the areas of sweating in the body clean, spray the splash directly on the skin after bathing, use a scented lotion, and stay away from dark colors, because they absorb sunlight more than lighter colors, and from clothes with nylon fabrics, because they cause unpleasant odors.

The skin of hands is thin and sensitive, and it is more susceptible to chemicals in cleaning materials, to try as much as possible to protect it from harmful factors and take care of it on a daily basis using moisturizers and sunblock like that being used for the face.

Yes, you can do the following steps to avoid pain during epilating hair of your skin:

Scrubbing the skin two days before epilating, to reduce ingrown hairs, and to remove dead cells.

Showering with hot water before the hair removal process, in order to open the pores and relieve stress.

Dry the skin well before starting. Do not use moisturizer before epilating, as it will prevent paste from sticking on the body.

Micellar water and toner are important for your skincare routine.

Micellar water: It is a mixture of oil droplets called micellar water. It removes light and heavy makeup and any impurities stuck on the surface of the skin. It promotes skin hydration.

Toner: It's a mixture of antioxidants and glycerin. It's used after removing make-up, and it is astringent for skin pores, reduces excess sebum, and modifies its secretion.

The body splash contains compounds that fight bacteria, so it reduces the secretion of annoying odors and gives the body a fragrant smell. However, the body mist, only gives the body a fragrant smell and does not contribute to fighting germs in the body.


The scent of the body splash is stronger than the scent of the body mist, and it lasts longer. The body splash cannot be sprinkled with perfume due to its strong smell and composition, while for the body mist, it is put on along with perfume and does not cause any kind of mixture.


Body Splash: It's one of the main methods of taking care of the body. It is a mixture of liquids and aromatic extracts. It is sprayed on the body directly and on any parts of your body without fear and it can also be used at all times.


Perfume: It's a mixture of essential oils placed on specific places on the body, and it is more expensive than a splash in terms of price, and the fragrance is often dedicated to occasions and its stability is higher.

Dyed hair requires more care than the normal one, so you should take the following steps to maintain your hair in a healthy way: Moisturizing the hair with an oil bath: An oil bath is one of the ways to restore the vitality of hair after dyeing, because it helps to repair the hair after changing its color.

Using a wooden brush: Use a wooden brush with wide teeth that will help you detangle gently.

Avoiding pool water: Wear a swimming cap to reduce chemical damage to your hair during swimming in pools.

Staying away from the sun: Make sure to cover your hair before going out to protect it from the sun's rays that accelerate the color fading.

Many of us suffer from hair damage in summer due to the sun's rays that negatively affect hair, that's why we provide you with the following tips to protect your hair during summer,

Shampoo for dry hair:  Avoid using shampoo for dry hair so that it does not lose moisture and gets damaged and dried.

Wearing Hat or a hair scarf: Wearing a hat or a hair scarf should be a habit for you before being exposed to sun rays, especially during peak hours.

Moisturizing hair: Make sure to moisturize your hair using an oil bath regularly to make your hair ready to face high temperatures.

Important tips for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin

Staying away from the sun's rays as much as possible: Exposure to the sun is a key factor for the appearance of spots and wrinkles, so you must protect your skin by using the appropriate sun block for your skin while you are out.

The usage of moisturizers for the skin: It is so necessary to use the lotion for obtaining the appropriate hydration, and it is preferable to use it minutes after shower to get deep hydration.

Drink enough water: Water helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, so you should drink at least eight cups per day.

Sport: Exercise helps keep youthful skin and rejuvenate its cells.


Sleep well: Sleeping helps rebuild skin cells, while the lack of sleep causes the skin to age prematurely.