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Bottle with milk and orchid extract 90gr

Do you want to have a soft body in a more cost-effective way and for a longer time? So, we advise you to use a sugar paste kit from Vita lite it will definitely help you to get a soft feeling and an attractive look.



Mixing the orchid flower, the symbol of beauty and femininity, known as the elixir of youth, with milk, is not a surprise. It is a unique product that gives you the confidence to achieve great results for the very first time.

It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones, as it removes the shortest fine and coarse hairs from the roots without any pain and whitens the used area. It also helps to reduce hair growth at every epilation process.

Hence, the body gains a long-lasting fragrant smell, and thus you get a clean and soft body at the same time.


Using tips

-Put the sugar paste in the fridge for a few minutes before use.

-Open the plastic package and remove the round piece .

-rub it well, until it becomes soft and stretchy.

-apply it on the place which you want to remove the hair With pressure on it to make sure that the sugar permeated each hair.

-Then remove it in the opposite direction of hair growth, and it is preferable to Repeat the same technique as needed to make sure that all hair permanently removed .

-Rinse your skin with water to remove traces of sugar still on it.



 Brand                          Vita lite

Product Type   Hair remover sugar paste kit

Extract                Milk and orchid

Item No                   06218

Size                       200 grams



Category: hair removers - sugar hair remover

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