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Do you want to have a stable hairstyle during the day, whether contemporary or classic?

Just make sure to choose the hair gel from Vita lite and you will have already chosen the best gel that suits your taste.


The description:


 Blue hair gel, made of high quality ingredients, soft texture,quick drying, it doesn't cause any dandruff and doesn’t leave anydyer on the hair,is used for all hair types, it can be used by both men and women, it is easy to wash.


The impact:


 High hair control strength and double stability, maintains your hairstyle for long hours and prevents its frizz, doesn't fade your hair, but gives a natural shine, and leaves behind a wonderful scent that stays for hours, and it is a daily use product.




- For external use only.

- Avoid contact with eyes.

- Store at room temperature 25°C.

- keep away from the reach of the children.




Brand                        Vita lite.

Product Type           hair gel.

Hair type              All hair types.

Item No                    06122

size                          500 ml.

Category: Hair Care - hair gel

Product Stock Location: Sy